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Dating Advice: 11 Red Flags Men Should Look For

We have seen plenty of lists of “Red Flags” for women, so I decided to write one for the men. Men have things we have to look out for as well. However, red flags do not mean that someone is a bad person. It just means they are human and need a little help to improve. We need to understand why people behave in certain ways and not judge them. We are deeply flawed in a variety of ways and we all need grace and love to become the best we can be for each other. Some women are genuinely good people, but still just not ready for a relationship. Seek to love her and not judge her.
Here are some red flags to look out for when considering a relationship with a woman:
1. Selfishness – People who are selfish should never attempt relationships because, unless they change, their relationships will fail. The opposite of selfishness is love. Love is the direct polar opposite of how selfishness operates. Love gives, but selfishness takes.

2. Unhealthy Insecurities – Insecurities make relationships worse, not better. So, if someone has deep rooted insecurities, it’s best to avoid a relationship until the root of problems is addressed.

3. Drug and Alcohol Abuse – I don’t drink or do drugs at all, but what we are talking about here is someone who can’t have fun without drinking and has an obvious drug or alcohol problem. Although you cannot have a healthy relationship under these conditions, it would not hurt to suggest help in a tactful way.    11 Red Flags Men Need to Look For

4. Anger Problems – Uncontrollable anger will always destroy a relationship. It’s very important that we all manage our anger in healthy ways. “Healthy” means the anger should not cause hurt, pain, or destruction. Anger problems are a cry for help. The key here is that she seeks help for her anger and roots out the causes. (Proverbs 22:22-25)

5. Attached – She is still holding on to her ex. I don’t think I need to elaborate here. Right?

6. Clingy and Co-dependent – This speaks to deeper emotional issues that have to be addressed. A woman should not expect you to meet all her needs without a commitment, especially early on. Only God can truly satisfy the soul of a human. (Exodus 3:3-4)

7. Dishonesty – Truth is important because it gives you a choice. When people lie it takes away our choice.

8. Over-dramatic – This type of woman usually lives on emotion, is insecure, and turns every minor problem into a major one. If you fail to do things the way she wants you to do them you will pay for your crime dearly.

9. Desperate or “Thirsty” – This type of woman will have the entire wedding planned before she even knows you. She will intentionally plan out how she will keep you and win your heart. Her goal is not a covenant marriage based on God’s word, but a wedding to fulfill her fantasy of being married.

10. Male Friends Only – She has no, or very few, female friends. Be very leery of women who say things like “Women are messy. So, I prefer male friends.” Although that may be true, in her mind, this thinking is mostly based on the types of women she has befriended. She usually likes sports and will not trip if you are playing your PS3, but you have to inquire about the real reasons for her lack of female friends and tendency to only have male friends.

11. Ms. American Express – This woman is all about material things. She will judge you based on your assets… what material things you have or don’t have. She believes a man’s value and worth is tied to his income and how much of it he shares with her.

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