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5 Dating Mistakes Men Make

Men are fearless when it comes to dating, right? Actually, men have many of the same dating concerns as women.
I have received several messages from men about dating fears and struggles. Their concerns are really no different from those of women. Men make the same dating mistakes women make. Many men desire to move into a deeper union of courtship. However, they continue to crash their head against an unmovable wall of common mistakes; yet expect to have a positive outcome each time.   5 Dating Mistakes Men Make

Here are 5 simple dating mistakes men make, but they are things every single man can improve on.

1. Focusing on facial looks and body:
Yes, men are more visual than woman and this often gets us into trouble. Our mind wanders and we become tempted to have sex. For some of us, we want the sex and not the relationship. Thus, a grown boy will fake a relationship for the sex. We must bring our thoughts and actions under the authority of God. We can admire a woman’s beauty, but must not allow it to lead to unhealthy motives.

2. Neglecting to be upfront about intentions:
As I stated above, don’t make the mistake of falling into temptations because of a woman’s beauty. When this happens you open yourself up to misleading a woman about your intentions. Date with integrity and be upfront about your intentions.

3. Being too nice:
Don’t be afraid to challenge a woman. Ask your deep, introspective questions as the relationship progresses. In the beginning, ask the important value-based questions. A real woman wants you to challenge her. If you sit back and never seek to bond on deeper conversational levels, you will miss out on a lot. Deep and challenging conversations will reveal much.

4. Having too much insecurity:
Insecurities never make relationships or dating better, only worse. Being insecure about who you are as a man makes you appear needy. Women typically don’t like needy men. Similarly, men don’t like needy women, but they do desire to be needed by a woman. We all have insecurities. What I am referring to is major insecurities that will negatively impact the process of getting to know someone. If this happens, be honest about your insecurities and see if you both can work through them together. If the burden is too great, seek help to root out the causes of the insecurity before having a relationship.

5. Pursuing the wrong woman:
Choose a woman based on common values and character. Choosing a woman based on desperation, looks, and wrong motives leads to frustration and deep disappointment.

I’m glad you read this far, because it means you’ve learned a lot of good information that will help you when put it into practice. Here’s what I want you to do next …

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