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How to Date a Single Mother

Loving a woman can be a beautiful life experience for a man. A woman can be nurturing, loving, selfless, warm, friendly, uplifting, spiritual and virtuous. However, what happens when it is a woman along with her children?
The stigma of being a single mother is powerful in society, but it is based in stereotypes. Many people have various assumptions, but how often do they seek to understand or learn the story of the single mother? Rarely does it happen; which is why I feel men have to approach dating single mothers differently.     How to Date a Single Mother
Some men already know they will not marry a woman with children, while some will accept a woman and her children. A man must avoid misleading the single mother. He should not enter into a relationship when he does not desire to marry a woman with children. It is the responsibility of the woman to approach a relationship properly, so she can avoid becoming involved with a man who does not desire anything long-term.
1. Be patient and understanding. Many single mothers are dealing with of a variety of financial, emotional, and spiritual battles. So he may have to love and help her through some challenges. However, this will not be the case with every single mother.
2. Communicate with open and honest dialogue. It is vital to learn about her past relationships. Learn how they have affected her life and the role she played in her own pain. Moreover, it is also beneficial to learn if she has healed or is on the road to healing.
3. Be honest and upfront. Men should honestly ask themselves “ Do I want to date a woman with kids?” Many men do not mind a woman having one child, but for some men that changes if there are more than one. This is a personal choice. However, being honest helps avoid hurt and wasting time.
4. Set realistic expectations upfront. He should not mislead her or sell her dreams. He should be upfront about his true expectations and intentions.
5. Have character and protect her. If she is emotional or vulnerable, he should step back. Refuse to be tempted to take advantage of her sexually, emotionally, etc…Always be a gentleman and protect her from herself by having character and integrity.
6. Have several conversations about her children. If the man and woman mutually decide to pursue something deeper, at that point, the kids should be involved. He should ask, and be concerned, about the children and help with any concerns they may have.
7. He should make life easier. He should do what he can in order to make life easier for the single mother. Love is simply making the life of the one we love a little bit easier.
8. Don’t play games. They should prove their love, devotion and commitment because, when children are involved, it is not a time to play games. The children need to see a healthy situation and life by their mother and the man she is dating.
9. Understand there is a time and place to talk. Avoid having serious discussions about the relationship in front of the children.
10. Be a role model. He may be the only positive male role model her and her children see on a regular basis. He should never lose sight of this.
If you have any tips to help all of us, please share below in the comments.

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