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Spiritual Growth Coaching: The dangers of emotion

Emotional PeopleAn emotional person is defined as: One who is easily affected with or stirred by emotion; one who displays emotion; one with a tendency to rely on or place too much value on emotion; or one whose conduct is ruled by emotion rather than reason.

We all have emotions. Guess what? They will always be a part of our human nature. One of the first things that I learned over ten years ago when I received Jesus Christ back into my life was “emotions.” I don’t know why, but God led me to study “emotions” and the power of “words” more than anything else. Many of us, for some reason, tend to enjoy emotion and actually love every moment that we are responding to a feeling. There is nothing wrong with emotion….the problem occurs when we live our lives based on emotion instead on the spirit of God.

Some of us make “life- changing” decisions based purely on emotions; this is a very dangerous way to live. For example one may make the decision to marry based purely on emotion. The man or woman makes you feel like nothing is better. The world stopped when you met him/her. You were on cloud nine and nothing felt better. You even reasoned that he/she was a blessing from God; however, in reality, you were only basing the decision to marry on emotion. A few months or years later, you mature emotionally and realize that you made an emotional decision that can cause a lifetime of pain.

To give another example you meet a wonderful man/woman and everything is great, because you are in the “in love” stage and operating on emotion. As your emotion begins to wane, the relationship begins to die, because your love for the person was based on emotion and not “real” unconditional love.

Sadly people have contracted STD’s, pain, ungodly soul ties, children out of wed-lock, and failed marriages because the decision to engage in a relationship or intimate act was based only on emotion. We have to understand that relationships are about coming together as one; using emotions as a decision-making tool is dangerous.

God desires us to use wisdom. Wisdom will tell you to wait a little while and allow the emotions to settle before we move or make a decision. Men and women of God don’t allow your emotions to make your decisions. As my Pastor once told me six years ago in Minister Training “Wisdom says wait; emotions say hurry.” Another way to think about it is, “God gently leads you and satan drives you to emotion.”

We as children of God must learn to tame our emotions. Self- control gives us freedom not restrictions, in addition to the freedom to obey God, and to be led of the Holy Spirit of God. Taming our emotions will help us lead fruitful lives and feel better about who we are.

Jesus is referred to as “The Rock,” and “The Prince of Peace,” which means we have to depend and lean on him to be stable in our emotions, so that they are healthy. Jesus is always loyal, true, and faithful to his word. Through him we can live better, love better, live peaceful lives, and tame the deadly consequences of emotional decision making. I encourage all of you to seek emotional maturity through God and not in your own strength. Please begin to pray and seek God in this area. I love you all!

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In His Love,