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The Greatest Lie Someone May Be Telling You Everyday And Why You Need A Lie Detector UK

The greatest lie being told every day is “I love you.” We live in a world where lying and broken promises mean nothing to people. When the lie of “I love you” hurts the most, people seek help from liedetectortest. Most people are selfish and out for self. Place no trust in the flesh, because people will turn on you in a minute. They love you tonight, but tomorrow, next week, next month, or a few months later… they hate you (and/or are with someone else).

The question then becomes… why do we continue to live in this world caught up in emotion, euphoria and fast feelings? Many of us can relate to this because most of us have had, at least, one relationship where we moved at the speed of light into a relationship.

Some of us got engaged and married quickly. Then, 2-6 years down the road, we finally realize what a fatal mistake we have made. Of course there is always an exception to this rule, but I teach the rules and not the exceptions. In most cases, these types of fly by night love experiences will fail and one or more hearts will be broken. We have to realize there are people among us who are bent on getting married, having love, not being alone, or having their wounds healed at any cost. The Greatest Lie

Love is not emotion, it’s a choice. We can’t meet people and be so consumed by emotion that we are not faithful enough to wait on God. A truly strong relationship has to go through some things to cement the bond and test the depth of the love. It won’t be one thing, but several things. You see, anyone can love you when the sun is shining, but the person who truly loves you will be there even in your weakness and storms. They will be able to love you back to where God has called you to be. You always know someone doesn’t love, based on the level of resentment they carry when you fail them. We can’t fail at allowing people to be human when we are also deeply flawed.

When we claim to love someone and then fail to really fight for love or help them we are really saying “I love you… conditionally” or “I love you until you don’t change fast enough for me or you don’t respond the way I want you to” or “I love you until I meet someone I like better than you”. This, of course, is using someone to meet current needs with no regards to the heart of that person.

Folks, I am deeply saddened by the state of love in America. We seem to be moved more by emotion than truly being patient and hearing from God. Many of us are too broken and wounded to hear clearly from God. Thus, many are caught up in a cycle of going from relationship to relationship. We end one relationship and 4-6 weeks later we are starting this emotional roller coaster all over again.

I discuss rebound relationships in my article “The Dangers of Rebound Relationships.” Rebounds are only good in basketball and it’s hard to develop a healthy relationship when your heart and spirit are loaded down with several quick, lustful, and emotional relationships. ( If interested here is an audio discussion of “Rebound Relationships.”)

We live in an age where words mean nothing to people. People regularly break promises and Godly covenants with no problem at all. Back in the days of my grandmother, calling anyone a “liar” was a big deal. When I was growing up if I called someone a “liar” it was about to be a fight! My granny used to tell me to never call anyone a liar and if she heard me say it I was getting disciplined. Do you remember in the old western movies how calling someone a liar caused bar fights and gun standoffs?!?! It was THAT serious.

There was a time in our nation and relationships where keeping our word and promises meant something. The Bible tells us, “They make many promises, take false oaths and make agreements; therefore lawsuits spring up like poisonous weeds in a plowed field.” Hosea 10:4.

I believe our words mean less because of the spiritual erosion of our society. We lack a commitment to God. Thus, we easily break promises to other people. The new God of our society is self and, because people have become lovers of self in this world, doing right or keeping promises means nothing. The Bible tells us, “ In the last days men shall be lovers of self, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful and unholy.” 2 Timothy 3: 1-2.

People will decide what is right or wrong based on their own compass and not a Godly compass. We won’t even care if what we do or decide will hurt someone. Our number one objective is to seek pleasure or fulfillment. We can’t continue to allow “feelings” or “emotions” to be our God.

Emotions drive us off a cliff, but Godly wisdom leads us down a path. Just because something feels good, looks good, or even seems right doesn’t mean it’s of God. Conversely, just because something looks bad, feels bad, or even seems bad doesn’t mean it’s not of God. We have to take the feelings out of it and do what we know is right. We can’t allow our emotions to become the Holy Spirit of our lives.

I want to encourage all of you reading this to keep your word, honor your promises, allow people to be human, and handle people with respect. Don’t make promises you don’t plan to keep or honor. I can recall being told “We are stuck like glue and there is nothing we can’t work out together. I promise to love you forever and I’m not going anywhere.” Well, of course, that’s not what happened. We must avoid saying things in the heat of emotion and the moment. Say what we truly mean and honor our word. God is judging us by what we actually do and not based on our intentions. Our faith pleases God. Thus, intentions don’t create footprints in the sand; our actions do.

Stop the lie of “I love you.”

Make love real in your life by fighting for love and honoring your word. People are always going to hurt and disappoint us. We are going to hurt and disappoint other people as well, but we have to stand strong together to get through the toughest of storms.  Real love doesn’t know how to quit, nor does real love lie.

My pain is your healing.

In His Love, Quentin

I’m glad you read this far, because it means you’ve learned a lot of good information that will help you when put it into practice. Here’s what I want you to do next …

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