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Arrow - Hand Drawn BlackWe all can improve our lives each day. If we apply 365 actions everyday at the end of one year you would have made 365 action steps to improve our life. You becoming a better person not only makes your life better, but those around you. Research shows that when we are connected to high achieving people it increases our achievement. Think about these questions for a moment:  Are you tired of going from relationship to relationship? Do you struggle with letting-go? Do you hate going to work on Mondays? Do struggle with anger? Do you allow your emotions to control you? Do you have sex, but really seeking love? Do you think God has left you? If you answered yes to any of these questions or anything similar. This newsletter is for you!

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Your newsletter has helped me grow in tremendous ways and I look fwd to each one. Your 20 day audio series has helped me see where I need to grow and I’ve shared with all of my friends! -Angela