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Relationship Tips: 8 Helpful Tips For Long Distance Relationships

Dating is one of the benefits of being single and in a relationship.  The purpose of dating is to get to know a person.  The long walks in the park, dinner and a movie, concerts, etc… can be wonderful and exciting experiences and a great way to spend time with the one you love.  However, what do you do if you are in a relationship with someone who travels frequently or lives out of state, or even out of the country?  Relationships tips: 5 helpful tips for long distance relationships


Long-distance relationships can be just as rewarding as local relationships.  When two people love one another, and are willing to work to make one another feel special, they can experience rewards comparable to that of traditional dating.  They can grow and strengthen their relationship by dating from a distance.


Here are 8 things you can do to invest in your long distance relationship:

1. Write Letters – Email is great, but nothing beats an old-fashioned, hand written love letter.

2. Video Date – Set-up days and times to video chat using Skype or ooVoo, or some other service provider.  Use your time together to play a game, watch one another cook dinner (plan ahead to prepare the same meal), talk about the 5 most exciting things from your day, etc…

3. Plan Ahead – Agree on how often you will see one another face to face, then work together to save money to make it happen.  Figuring out ways to save, and then doing it, can be very rewarding.

4. Create an e-History of your Relationship – Use a service like Dropbox to store and share special memories and significant artifacts from your relationship.   Store photos, articles, notes, etc…  Your partner will be instantly notified whenever you modify or add something to your folder.

5. Tell them “Good Morning” – This may seem small, but helping your partner start their day off on a positive note can go a long way.  Be creative about it.  Even if you are in vastly different time zones, they need to know that you are with them.  So, consider having a thoughtful text message greeting waiting on their phone or in their email inbox.  Call them just to say hello or to say a quick prayer with them before they start their day.  Either way, start them out with your love.

6. Create a Date Night Box – Each person can mail a box of small, meaningful trinkets and gifts to the other (perhaps it will be around a theme or just things that are significant to the relationship). Then, arrange a phone call and video chat where you will each open your boxes and gifts one by one. Take time to allow your partner to guess the significance of each gift, before telling them your thoughts about it. This will make for a very enjoyable and bonding long-distance date night.

7. Take care of their home from a distance – If you know they are in need of lawn service, carpet cleaning, food delivery, car repair, etc… Do research ahead of time to help them find the best service providers and get the best price in their location. Build a relationship with the businesses ahead of time by doing research online and taking the time to make phone calls and send emails as well.

8. Participate in Common Causes and Service – Find a common cause or non-profit that you both care about and work together to use your respective local connections and resources to raise funds for that cause. If direct fundraising is not your thing, consider partnering on a project with a service like Crowdrise.com to help get an online campaign going. Working together as partners for a great cause can help strengthen your communication and also identify common passions.

These are a just a few ideas of how you can date from a distance.  What are other things you can do to invest in your long distance relationship?

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