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How To Love Forever: Part 1


(Note: How To Love Forever (Part 2)

Do you ever wonder when you will find the love of your life? Many great men and women pray daily for God to help them choose (or meet) the one who can truly love them unconditionally. However, how many of us ever close our eyes, imagine who we would like to marry, and then ask… “Am I that person”? We have to be who we would like to have in our life. 

We cannot invite people into our life in order to numb our pain or fulfill aloneness. This is the very definition of selfishness. Many times, in life, our fears keep us trapped in a cycle of fruitless relationships. We go from one relationship to the next; hoping this time will be the one that leads to “forever”. However, meeting someone who may do whatever you want them to or put up with your unhealthy behavior is not a sound plan for developing a healthy and lasting relationship.

Can love truly last forever?

Many of us have lost hope in love lasting forever. This is based on unhealthy relationships we have had in the past. However, our past relationships (whether good or bad) are never a waste of time. They can be a learning experience… if we allow ourselves to grow, instead of becoming a victim.

Love is a choice and not an emotion. Thus, unconditional love grows, and we do not fall into anything (see blog love is a choice). It’s never been easier to “fall in love” and more difficult to grow “to love.” There are thousands of websites where we can meet people. Facebook and Twitter create an opportunity to meet thousands (even tens of thousands) of people over the course of a year. Temptation has never been greater and easier to get into. Technology allows us to reach out and touch people all over the world, and modern travel allows us to physically interact.

So, in many ways, technology exposes us to many more people on a daily basis than we are used to. This naturally leads to some people flirting and hooking up. This can lead to more failed experiences, disappointments, and broken-hearts. Keep in mind, though, technology or social media is not the problem… people are. Social media and technology do not ruin relationships… people do. Without boundaries and transparency, social media use can be a distraction and hindrance to a relationship (especially a marriage).

Most of us have not seen a healthy relationship

Sadly, a lot of us (including myself) did not grow up in a home environment with parents who were an example of healthy love; parents who taught us how to have a healthy relationship. We all bring damage and issues into every relationship we go into. Even if we are claiming we are healed, we still will bring imperfections to someone. We all have to be aware of this and make sure we openly discuss what our heart is bringing to the life of another person.

We will close here and continue with the next blog……………

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