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Relationship Advice: 11 Red Flags Women Should Look For

Women all over the world are dreaming and praying about their “Knight in Shining Armor”. However, how many of these women are truly taking the time to get to know their potential knight? Many women fall head over heels for a man based on emotion or a need to gain something. Thus, it is extremely important that emotions and selfish desires are not a decision-making tool when getting to know a man.
Now, before I begin to discuss red flags, I want to make it clear that I am not a fan of fault-finding. However, I am a fan of allowing people to be human. When you allow people to be human, you develop realistic expectations that foster healthy relationship development. When getting to know someone, you have to realize everyone is deeply flawed and no one is going to be perfect, but they may be perfect for you. You have to know your common values and what you stand for to truly know what you need versus what you want.
Everything a man says, does (or doesn’t do), and the things from his past are a part of getting to know him… the good and the bad. Please note: a red flag does not mean you run, but it does mean you avoid a serious courtship.
Here are a few red flags (causes for concern) you should be mindful of:  11 Red Flags Women Should Look For
1. Lack of respect – It is definitely a cause for concern if a man shows a lack of respect for you. Anything you decide is not for you should be respected by him.

2. Rushing to wine and dine you – I know a lot of you will not think this is a cause for concern, but it is. If he is rushing to wine and dine you, he is doing it because he is after something. A man with pure motives is not in a hurry to do anything but wait. He will take his time getting to know you. Adore a man who takes his time and don’t allow your emotions to cloud this truth.

3. Excess – Going overboard in his attempt to charm you.

4. Low expectations – He has limited or no expectations of you. A man who is interested in you for the right reasons expects you to bring something to his life. He is not looking for a trophy or someone to control, but a woman to be an important part of his growth, life and purpose.

5. Drug or alcohol abuse – I don’t drink or do drugs at all, but what we are talking about here is someone who can’t have fun without drinking and has an obvious drug or alcohol problem. Although you cannot have a healthy relationship under these conditions, it would not hurt to suggest help in a tactful way.

6. Anger problems – Uncontrollable anger will always destroy a relationship. It’s very important that we all manage our anger in healthy ways. “Healthy” means the anger should not cause hurt, pain, or destruction. Anger problems are a cry for help. The key here is that he seeks help for his anger and roots out the causes. (Proverbs 22:22-25)

7. Control – A man with control issues is trying to resolve a deep-rooted wound from his lack of being affirmed in love as a child. Just like anger, control issues are a cry for help. “If someone is more like me they will not hurt me” is often the voice a controlling person hears in their head.

8. Dishonesty – Truth is important because it gives you a choice. When people lie it takes away your choice.

9. Selfishness – People who are selfish should never attempt relationships because, unless they change, their relationships will fail. The opposite of selfishness is love. Love is the direct polar opposite of how selfishness operates. Love gives, but selfishness takes.

10. He is fresh out of a relationship – Avoid rebound relationships at all costs. Learn more here-> The Shocking Truth About Rebound Relationships

11. Poor past behavior – Be aware of patterns of past behaviors. Ask about his past relationships.

Here’s what I want you to do next:-)

I’m glad you read this far, because it means you’ve learned a lot of good information that will help you when put it into practice. Here’s what I want you to do next …

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