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Quentin’s Testimony

My life has been a varied story of pain, success and tremendous growth. We all have such wonderful life stories that will bless someone if we release our fear of showing it. Of course, I can’t share the entire depth of my life in this brief testimony, but in reading my current and future blogs, podcasts, and videos you will learn more about where God has brought me from.

I wake up every morning with the passion and desire to pursue my God -given purpose. I seek to serve as a vessel for promoting and building a foundation for healthy relationships I have years of experience analyzing, counseling and advising hundreds of people on all types of relational challenges.

My past pain is now my ministry. I am a converted player and womanizer who made a point to seek out pleasure from women. I’ve been with many different women, older, wealthy, educated, etc. Then one day I woke up and realized I was a part of the problem with relationships and wanted to change. I wanted my life to reflect a Christ- centered life. I wanted my life to reflect a man of God who lived to glorify God in everything I did.

My upbringing was hard, but I never allowed it to kill my vision. Actually, those difficulties enhanced my understanding and caused me to believe more in myself. Despite my environment I used the power of reading to expose me to a world outside of my environment. Thus, this is the exact reason I always recommend reading at least two books a month to enlighten or challenge you to do more with your life. All great people read.

I grew up without a mother or father in my life, but I did have my grandmother. My grandmother  is a wonderful woman who I loved dearly. I also love my mother she is very, kind, loving, giving and cares deeply about the needs of others.

I had a deep desire to be loved as a child. I knew my family loved me, but they did not show it in affirming ways. This hunger for love went deep into my young adult and adult life. This desire for love had me completely distracted from my call and purpose from God. My lack of proper grounding also caused me to always second -guess everything in my life. I wanted to be the man my Pastor and society said I needed to be, which was successful and financially secure.

This led to me becoming a player, womanizer, and in some ways emotionally abusive to women. I wanted the love of a woman, so bad that I felt I needed to try out as many as possible. In my heart, I truly wanted to love ‘one” women, but I knew those women could not give me that. I attracted what I was on the inside. Thus, I attracted the highly unstable women, who were emotionally wounded, needy, or who just wanted love by any means. When a man is a womanizer it simply means he is hurting on the inside and looking for a woman to nurture his wounds and help him find identity. I had to learn my identity was found in Christ Jesus and not between the legs of a woman.

I simply got tired of seeing failed relationship of all types. I am tired of emotional and selfish desires being the reason people come together instead of love and God being the reason. I’ve been hurt, rejected, heart-broken, scarred, used and misled. I have also done the same things to others at one time or another. I am very transparent and I use my own life experiences, to help others live better lives unto God. My mission is to help foster love and save the condition of today’s relationships. Relationships are best when we have two people walking in unity, accord and agreement. Two people who exist as one, but when they walk together they are one big man. God called men to be Priest, Prophet and King. Sadly, we live in a generation of men who are weak and a generation where women try to be the man. We have to restore God’s order and walk together as one. We have to seek to have a partner, not someone to control.

Changing my life and healing the root cause of my issues inspired me to want to help women and men see the power of healthy relationships. I desire single people and couples around the world to understand God’s purpose for being single. My walk with God has allowed me to develop four successful businesses and minister to thousands as his vessel. I also have a deep passion for coaching people on what it takes to start a business out of God -given passions. I am here to serve God’s people for his glory.

Always seek to be a part of a team instead of self-seeking. Never expect from someone what you can’t give. Love from the true God kind of love that is unconditional. Please join me as we all learn from each other how to foster healthy relationships.