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My Thoughts About Unconditional Love

Many of us have this insatiable desire for love or healthy relationships; yet, some of us are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary for a healthy relationship. We say we want or desire unconditional love, but we are selfish or too self-centered to even have a healthy a relationship. What is most troubling is most people won’t accept these behaviors from other people, but they expect someone to tolerate their flaws.

Unconditional love is based on the premise that we will love someone even if they aren’t everything we need or their behavior towards us sometimes fall short. This same love has to reciprocate for a healthy relationship to grow, strengthen and flourish to greater heights. My Thoughts on Unconditional Love

They meet your conditions
As I’ve said on this website for the last two or more years, it’s the storms of life that teach us who loves us. Love has to be tested through the struggles, the mountains, the human flaws, and the seasons of life; from that, our relationships are sharpened to become mighty weapons of change.

Many wonder why you need unconditional love when the person they have found seems to meet all of their conditions. Well… from my perspective, no human being will ever be everything we want for eternity or through different seasons of life. That type of thinking is assuming everything goes well all the time and someone will do everything you desire all the time. Love says, “I love you… when you meet my conditions and when you do not”.

You learn how to love unconditionally through the storms of life and the relationship. The more Jesus Christ is the crown of your heart the easier loving unconditionally will be.

We all are deeply flawed
Many of us fail to realize we are all deeply flawed. We all need unconditionally love, grace and acceptance in life to become our best. We can’t expect love from people when we can’t also give the unconditional love we desire from others. To develop a rock solid and loving relationship, transparency is not an option it’s mandatory.

When you can experience and know all of the flaws of your partner is when love truly shines bright. This is what separates people loving you based on emotion (infatuation) versus real love. Love yourself and your partner enough to show them your flaws by being vulnerable, but also have a heart to grow beyond those flaws.

Love is about protecting two hearts
What amazes me day after day is the number of people who write me daily only being concerned about their heart, but they ignore the heart of the one they say they love. When you truly love someone you understand love is all about protecting two hearts and not one. When you find yourself thinking about your heart more than the one you love, it’s time to evaluate your motives for even being in a relationship.

My final thoughts
If you truly desire unconditional love and acceptance, you have to be willing to give it as well. Make Christ the crown of your heart and not yourself. Have a relationship with God, because He is the source of our ability to love unconditionally. We can’t do it without Him and understand how to love in His way.

I’m glad you read this far, because it means you’ve learned a lot of good information that will help you when put it into practice. Here’s what I want you to do next …

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