Relationship Coaching: Love is a choice

Love is a human hunger we all desire. God placed this beautiful desire within us. We all have a love "tank" that needs to run on full instead of empty. This doesn't have to be limited to romantic love since the love of family and friends is needed as … [Read more...]

Building a Website

Websites are made up of many different files and files of different formats. What makes a good webpage? It's important that you do not have issues with your website's download speed and durability. Because of the different file formats and web … [Read more...]

Relationship Coaching: Do you multiply or divide?

In life we seek to be a part of a relationship. However, how often do we seek a relationship to multiply, add to, and enhance the life of another? Often we seek a relationship in order to gain something; however, the problem arises when the gain is … [Read more...]

Spiritual Growth Coaching: The dangers of emotion

An emotional person is defined as: One who is easily affected with or stirred by emotion; one who displays emotion; one with a tendency to rely on or place too much value on emotion; or one whose conduct is ruled by emotion rather than reason. We … [Read more...]

Spiritual Growth Coaching: Painful Reality

The painful lesson of life is... you don't always matter as much to the people who really matter to you... no matter if it's rooted in a selfish heart, lust, pride, greed, or lack of loving correctly... this fact remains. We must do our part to pray … [Read more...]