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Relationship Advice: 18 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

Every man needs to be affirmed by the woman in his life. Your support, encouragement, and positive presence help him become the best man he can be. Behind every great man is a greater woman. So, the more value you add to his life, the more valuable he will become. The more you master the ability to help him feel special, the stronger and healthier your relationship will be.

Here are 18 things you can do to make him feel special:

1. Make him a priority in your life – Find ways to show him that his needs and desires are just as important to you as your own.

2. Give him the gift of silence – If he expresses a need for time to work or relax, be diligent about ensuring he has more than enough space and silence.       18 Ways to Make Him Feel Special

3. Silently serve him – Find ways to care for him when he is focused on other things for an extended period of time. If he is working on a large project, watching his favorite sports team on TV, or doing yard work…there are things you can do to show him you care. You can bring him a snack or cold beverage; take care of other tasks on his to-do list, quietly massage his feet or shoulders, etc… Remember, giving him space and silence also counts as serving him.

4. Communicate in his love language – If you have both taken the 5 Love Languages Quiz , and especially if you read the book ( “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts,” by Gary Chapman, then you will know his love language.  Once you know his love language, the more you communicate to him in that language, the more special he will feel.

5. Support his goals – A man needs to know you believe in him. Find ways to move him towards his goals. Consider sacrificing a date night to work with him on tasks that will help him accomplish his goals. Consider saving up money to purchase tools or resources that will be helpful for him.

6. Show him you value his opinion – When he voices his opinion, actively listen to what he has to say. Seek to understand why he feels the way he does about the issues he is passionate about.

7. Say “Thank You” – Acknowledge when he does something to make you happy or invests in the relationship. Let him know that you see the work he does or the sacrifices he makes on behalf of the relationship. Consider saying “Thank you” and not following it with any recommendations for how he should improve.

8. Don’t criticize – When he messes up or makes a mistake; don’t use it as an opportunity to teach him a lesson or say, “I told you so.” He knows he messed up and doesn’t need criticism to add to the weight of his frustration. Instead, meet him with open arms and an attitude that says, “How can I support you? Where do we go from here?”

9. Ask him what he needs – When he’s stressed and under pressure, ask him what he needs; ask what you can do to help. Then, help him!

10. Pray for him – Whether it’s together as a couple or on your own, hold him up in prayer.

11. Write him a letter – Not much beats a hand-written letter delivered in the mailbox. Take the time to encourage him, let him know what he means to you, and just affirm him as the man in your life.

12. Help him clean and sort – Give him the gift of your “woman’s touch” by helping him clean out his car, rearrange a room in his house, or even fold and iron his laundry.

13. Learn to cook a meal he’ll absolutely love – Find out what he enjoys eating and prepare that type of meal for him. If you are not the best cook, be willing to do what it takes to learn. Get recipes from others or online, take a culinary class, etc… Make the extra effort to show him you want to provide for him in this way.

14. Be prepared – Be one step ahead. Pay attention to his habits and try to keep things on hand that he’ll randomly need… Yes, be “that woman” who seems to always have the hand sanitizer, chapstick, extra ink pen, hand lotion, toothpick, set of AA batteries, Advil, etc… just when he needs it.

15. Take care of yourself – Do your best to always be at your best and even better. The way you care for and invest in yourself will speak volumes to him. Make him feel like he matters by showing him that you matter to yourself. Show him that you believe you represent yourself and him.

16. Send text messages and let him know you are thinking of him.

17. Ask him is there anything you can do for him. A lot of men desire help, but have too much pride to ask for it.

18. Surprise him with something you know he loves. It can food, clothing, cologne, etc

What other things can you do to make him feel special?

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