5 Bad and Common Dating Habits

I am just as guilty as anyone else when it comes to repeating dating habits. Granted, thousands of people around the world read my work, but I am quick to tell people I am flawed. Yeah, I have Godly gifts, wisdom, knowledge and discernment.... but I … [Read more...]

My Thoughts About Unconditional Love

Many of us have this insatiable desire for love or healthy relationships; yet, some of us are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary for a healthy relationship. We say we want or desire unconditional love, but we are selfish or too … [Read more...]

6 Places You Will Not Find Your Future Husband or Wife

I am always pleased to hear the stories of happy, confident men and women of God who had no prospect in sight for marriage and then meet a person who they enter into a courtship with. It’s a blessing to see how being happy alone allows them to have … [Read more...]

Don’t lose your life because someone leaves your life (video).

    In this video I discuss the importance of not losing your life because someone leaves your life. It's time to move on..God has something better for you.... Please share this video because someone you know needs to hear this … [Read more...]

The Greatest Lie Someone May Be Telling You Everyday

The greatest lie being told every day is "I love you." We live in a world where lying and broken promises mean nothing to people. Most people are selfish and out for self. Place no trust in the flesh, because people will turn on you in a minute. They … [Read more...]

How to Date with Integrity

In this brief video I discuss the importance of dating with integrity and making love the foundation of your relationship. In His Love, Quentin McCall I’m glad you read this far, because it means you’ve learned a lot of good information that … [Read more...]

How to Fight for Love and When to Walk Away

In this video I discuss the importance of knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Don't allow anyone to make you feel good about letting go of something before God speaks to you. There will be a time to hold on and a time to let go, but you have … [Read more...]

Six Basic Things Every Relationship Needs

There are a six  things every relationship must have… just basic concepts. If you focus on these things and consider them before getting into a relationship or even in the relationship you have, you are arming your relationship to be all that God … [Read more...]

How to Start the Healing Process

Have you ever been caught in a cycle of hurt?  It’s as if your emotions are running rampant and you have no control over your thoughts from one moment to the next.   You wake up in the morning ready to start a new day and within 10 minutes your mind … [Read more...]

7 Reasons Women Fall For The Wrong Man

I often get questions from women who are deeply hurt or upset from the pain caused by a man. Now, I am of the belief that 90% of pain is self-inflicted from our own selfish choices, desires, and human weaknesses. However, more often than not, our … [Read more...]