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Christian Singles: 7 Reasons Why You Should Get Married

In our society, marriage is often viewed as something negative and certain to not last. However, we have to all understand marriage is a ministry unto God; a covenant. A covenant means it is joined by God for His glory, thus you don’t just run and quit when things get rough.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting these are the only reasons singles should get married. I am simply providing a more open view to some benefits of being married versus being single.

Here are 7 reasons why you should get married:
1. Longer life. Countless researchers have shown that men and woman live longer being married.
2. Less Stress. Some who are married may disagree with this one, but research has shown healthy and secure marriages foster environments to handle the stress of life.     7 reasons why you should get married
3. Family. Although we all know people who have had children out of wedlock, marriage is the nest and the most secure environment to have children and start a family.
4. Legal benefits. If you are not married you are single. There are certain legal benefits that come from being married. So, for those of you who act married, but you are single, get married when the time is right. Until you are married, you are ‘single, in a relationship’.
5. Sex. Now, don’t take this reason as if I am suggesting it is ok to get married just for sex, because I am not. What I am saying is when you are married you can have sex without the guilt or various concerns people have when having sex out of wedlock. The guilt comes from disappointing yourself, God, and other values you associate with your sexual nature. Learn more about sexual soul ties here-> ‘ 3 things you need to know about sexual soul ties” . Learn how to overcome sexual soul ties here-> “ 5 Ways to overcome sexual soul ties ” Learn the dangers of sex before marriage here -> The 5 Deadly Venoms of Sex before Marriage”
6. Finances. Marriage can improve your financial life, because two people can combine income into one family income. In general, society has always been designed to make life a little easier for married people. Married couples benefit from tax breaks, lower insurance costs, various other financial benefits, and more…
7. Stability. Marriage gives men and women a stable balance. They have each other for support. Yes, you can have this outside of marriage, but I feel marriage brings stability in a way God intended for all of us to have (assuming you desire marriage).

Many of the reasons I listed can be obtained without marriage, but they are better shared under the covenant of God with that one special someone.

Are you not happy in your singleness? Read ” 9 reasons being single is good for you”

What other positive reasons for marriage can you contribute to this article?

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